Find a Notary Public in the United States

Authority Duties of a Notary Public

Authority of a Notary Public

In the USA, a notary public is an official duly qualified and authorized by law to act as an independent witness to

  • signatures,
  • jurats,
  • copy certifications,
  • affirmations,
  • acknowledgements,
  • attestations,
  • authentication of the copies of documents,

and such other notarial acts or notarization permitted to perform within the USA.

Those extraordinary acts not covered by the authority of the notary public are marriages, with the exception of those states of the USA authorizing the notary public to perform such notarial acts.

The authority of the consul officer in the administration and taking from any notarial acts such as oaths, depositions, acknowledgements and other documents or instruments which need to be notarized. It is provided under 22 CFR 92.4 entitled, “Authority of notarizing officers of the Department of State under Federal law.”

Need of a Notary Public

The USA, just like other nations in the world, requires that all documents need to be notarized in accordance with the legal systems of its different states. This high demand is from all those who need their documents notarized by a duly qualified or registered notary public. The role attached to the position as notary public in the USA is to acknowledge or witness the applicant personally known as an individual appearing before the same. As such, the importance of administering oaths and other instruments; taking affirmations and depositions; receiving and certifying acknowledgements, and powers of attorney; and other notarial acts cannot be overemphasized.

There are some documents or instruments which need to be notarized before they become effective legal documents.
Realizing the importance of a notary public in the promotion, service, and protection of the Americans’ interest by the role as an independent witness in various situations, there are existing laws relevant for the purpose.

Under the 10 U.S. Code § 1044a, it enumerates the general powers of the notary public and of the consul of the United States of America on the performance of some notarial acts stated therein.

Mobile Notary

It is a form of commissioning the notary public who is willing to drive the locations of the client. The willingness of the notary public to go to places where they can get clients is aimed at promoting their notarial services.

Find a Notary Public Near Me

Find a Notary Public Near Me

Finding a Notary Public in USA

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