New York Notary Public

A New York Notary Public refers to any person who is commissioned by the Secretary of State of New York. The notary public commissioning enables the notary public to perform notarial acts, listed below, in the New York’s county of residence or where the business is located wherein the notary public renders notarial, legal, and other related services.

Notary NY

Notary NY Seal

In any county of New York, to wit:

  • Acknowledgements such as deeds, mortgages, and powers of attorney;
  • Signature witnessing;
  • Jurats;
  • Oaths, depositions and affirmations;
  • Acceptance or payment of obligations in writing, foreign and inland bills of exchange, and promissory notes; and
  • Any other acts authorized by the Licensing Division Services of the New York State Department and the Secretary of State of New York.

To be eligible for commissioning as notary public, the applicant:

  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident alien of New York, US;
  • Must maintain a regular place of work or business in any county of New York where the commission is to be issued;
  • Must successfully pass the notary public examination in law and procedure;
  • Must submit a completed original application for a notary public to the Division Licensing Services in New York State Department;
  • Must pay an amount of US$60 representing the application fee;
  • Must not be convicted of felony;

Who can be licensed as notary public?

  • Member of New York State Bar or a court clerk of the Unified Court System;
  • Any person admitted to practice in New York as an attorney;
  • Out-of-State Resident. Attorney, residing out of State- resident maintaining a law office within the State; and
  • Nonresidents other than attorneys maintaining offices or places of businesses in New York.

Why Need of New York Notary Public?

The value of a New York Notary Public cannot be overemphasized.  The role is to acknowledge or witness the signing of the document or instrument by the person personally known or identified by the same through competent evidence of identity. For more insights about the services provided by the New York Notary Public, click here. You can also obtain a comprehensive information on the Notary Public License Law at the website of the Licensing Division Services of the New York State Department.

Finding a Notary Public in New York

Now that you have an array of the New York Notary Public’s information and in-view of the necessity of the notary public in any county of New York for your personal  or corporate needs.

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Find a Notary Public Near New York

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If you know personally of any notary public, type the complete name in the space provided for Find Notary by name. After writing in the space provided for, the list will be displayed for your information and proper guidance.