Georgia Notary Public Acknowledgement

This is a Georgia Notary Public Acknowledgement Form. An individual (not a corporation, a trustee, or any other legal entity) completes this form in front of a Georgia notary public to affirm a document. This form only establishes that the document was inspected, the signer’s identity was verified, and the signature was witnessed. It does not establish that the content of the document is truthful or accurate.

How To Write :

  • The Georgia notary public will fill out the form himself or herself.
  • The notary will describe the number of pages of the document, the title of the document, and the date of the document. This helps to ensure that this form is not fraudulently transferred to another document.
  • The notary will enter the county.
  • The notary will enter the date.
  • The notary will enter your full name, which should be the same as shown on your official identification.
  • The notary will check whether he or she knows you personally or whether he or she has verified your identity by examining your identification document. You may verify your identity with a state-issued driver’s license or other identification card, a passport, a military ID, or another form of government-issued identification. The notary will record which form of identification you presented.
  • The Georgia notary public will sign, print his or her name, apply his or her seal, and enter the date that his or her commission expires.

This form indicates that a Georgia notary public has examined a document, verified the identity of an individual signer, and witnessed the signature. It does not establish that the content of the document is correct or truthful. It also does not file or record the document in any way. If this document needs to be filed in court or used in a legal matter, you will need to consult with an attorney about how to proceed.

Georgia Notary Public Acknowledgment Form