California All Purpose Acknowledgement Form

This is a general form that a notary public can use to acknowledge the signing of a title or document. Please note that a notary’s signature only verifies that the document was signed and witnessed: it does not serve as verification of the content of the document.

How To Fill In California All-Purpose Acknowledgement Form

The notary will need to fill out the top part himself or herself. It includes the county in which the document was signed, the date the document was signed, the notary’s name, the names of the signers of the document, the gender(s) and number(s) of the signers, and the notary’s signature and seal.

  • The portion of the form underneath the notary’s signature and seal is optional. It does not need to be filled out, but it can help protect against fraud by ensuring that the California All-Purpose Acknowledgement Form remains with the original document and is not falsely transferred to another document.
  • Title or Type of Document: Enter a brief description of the document that was signed.§  Document Date: Enter the date of the document, or “No Date” if there is none.
  • Number of Pages: Enter the number of pages of the original document. Do not count this form as a page.
  • Signers Other Than Named Above: If other people have signed the document and do not appear on the form (they may have had their signatures notarized separately), list their names here. If there are too many to list, list them as “Mary Smith and [number] other signers. If there are no other signers, list “None”.
  • Signer’s Name: List the name{s} of the signer{s} who are represented on this form. This should be the same as entered in the notary block.
  • Check one of the boxes to indicate in what capacity the signer is operating. If none of the boxes describe the signer, check “Other” and enter a brief description.
  • Signer is Representing: List whom the signer is representing. It may be himself or herself, an association, a corporate entity, or a partnership.

This California All-Purpose Acknowledgement Form verifies the signatures on a document. It does not affirm that the document is true and it does not take the place of a legal filing. If you wish the document to be recorded, you must proceed accordingly with or without the advice of an attorney.

California All Purpose Acknowledgement Form