California Notary Public Acknowledgement

This is a General Acknowledgement form for the State of California. It shows that a notary public has verified the identity and witnessed the signature on a document. It does not verify the information in the document itself.

How To Fill In California Notary Public Acknowledgement Form

This form must be completed by the notary public himself or herself. He or she will:

  • Enter the county in which the signature is being witnessed.
  • Enter the date on which the document is being signed.
  • Enter his or her full name and title.
  • Enter the name of the signer. The notary public will need to verify the identity of the signer. This is usually done through a state-issued driver’s license or other identification. Passports and military identification are also acceptable. If you are unsure about whether your documents are sufficient to prove identity, please consult with the notary public or with an attorney.
  • The notary public will edit the pre-printed wording on the form to reflect the number and gender(s) of the signers.
  • After the notary public has witnessed the signing of the document, he or she will sign this form and apply an official seal.

This form serves only to acknowledge that the document has been signed and that the signer has established his or her identity. It does not indicate that the content of the document is accurate or correct. It also does not record the document in any legal capacity. If you need your document to be filed in court or with a government office, you will need to take those steps yourself, with or without the guidance of an attorney, after the signature has been notarized.

California Notary Public Acknowledgment Form